Wondwossen Eshetu

Ministry of Health, Ethiopia

Dr. Wondwossen Eshetu is a medical doctor currently working with CHAI seconded to FMoH as a Senior Program Advisor starting from June 1st 2018.

Dr W.E.E was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia June 5 1964. He graduated from University of Gondar in 1987 as an MD and from University of London and Royal college of Physicians, with MSc and DTM&H respectively.

After receiving his education, Dr Eshetu worked with different caliber of medical disciplines in different part of the world. Mainly, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Jordan, Uganda and United Kingdom.  In most of his career he worked as a country director of humanitarian, non-political, medical organizations that are international bodies. To mention some, MSF-France, MDM-France, MSF-Belgium, CEMVO, NAZ, AIHA and WAHA-International.

After working abroad for more than 20 odd years, in 2014, Dr. W.E.E returned back to his home country Ethiopia, with a capacity of Program Advisor recruited by AIHA-Twining center seconded to FMoH-Ethiopia HRD Directorate. During his tenure, he served as Country Director, Program director, Medical coordinator, consultant, capacity building consultant, owner and executive director of private clinic. From 2014-2017, he successfully directed the national program of medical education for the undergraduate and the National Residency program which was one of the pillar prioritiy at FMoH. This program was a pioneer in Ethiopian Medical Education history which became the backbone of the specialty training that will pave towards equitable health care delivery and quality of Medical education in the country.

Currently, he is volunteering by being a board member in different institutions like EPHARM, University of Ambo, Consortium of Medical schools in Ethiopia, AVIVA pharmaceuticals and CPAR (Canadian Medical Organization)

Dr Wondwossen, is a naturalized British citizen who is married with two daughters. His family is residing in London for the past 25 years. His first daughter is holder of MSc in Global health, law and governance and the youngest girl will join Imperial collage university London coming September 2018.

Presentations by Wondwossen Eshetu
Establishing National Standards and Harmonized Curricula to Scale Up High Quality Postgraduate
Establishing National Standards and Harmonized Curricula to Scale Up High Quality Postgraduate
Wednesday 11th September 10:45am to 10:50am

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