Kuldeep Singh

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur


Name                                       DR KULDEEP SINGH                      

Date of Birth                            6th December 1965

Qualifications                          MBBS, MD (Pediatrics) DM (SGPGI, Lucknow)

                                                MCI registration- UP-32146, MP- 7580


Present Position                      Dean (Academics)

Professor and Head

Department of Pediatrics


All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur-342005, INDIA


EMAIL:                                  singhk@aiimsjodhpur.edu.in ; kulpra@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.drkuldeep.org

Major Past Assignments:        Co-convenor, MCI Regional Training Center, SAIMS, Indore from 2011-2013

                                                Professor and Head, Pediatrics, SAIMS, Indore 2007-2013

                                                Co-ordinator, Medical Education Unit, SAIMS, Indore 2005-2011

Field of Interest:                     Medical Genetics, Child Health and Medical Education.


Date of Joining AIIMS:        22nd April 2013







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B. Chapters in Books

Singh K. Advances in management of Ocular Genetic disorders. In Recent advances in Ophthalmology. 9th Edition 2009. Eds- H V Nema and N Nema. Jaypee Publisher, New Delhi 

Singh K. Genetic Counseling. In IAP Pediatrics for Practitioners. Eds S Thora

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Singh K, Singh P, Kumar R. Public Health Genetics. In Essential Preventive Medicine. Ed Piyush Gupta (In Press).



Winner Poster at 22nd MMVR Meeting Los Angeles 7-9 April 2016. Paper titled “Using Flip class to enhance medical students’ active learning”

Appointed “Associate Editor” Annals of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) July 2015

Fellowship of National Academy of Medical Sciences (FAMS) in October 2014

Dr Shyam Lal Saksena Award for “Using technology to deliver cost-effective Continuing Professional Development” at NAMSCON 2014, AIIMS, Rishikesh 19th October 2014

NAMS 2007 Amritsar Award for best award paper at NAMSCON 2014, October 2014

Appointed Coordinator NAMS Center for Research in Medical Education, AIIMS

Foundation for Advancement in International Medical Education Research (FAIMER) Fellow 2011 at GSMC FAIMER Regional Institute. Fellowship awarded 9th May 2013 by Professor Arun Jamkar, Vice Chancellor, MUHS.

Best paper Award in Oral session at 4th Annual Scientific meeting at BPKIHS, 1997

Offered Commonwealth Scholarship in Cancer Genetics toward M Phil at Charing Cross Hospital, London in 1996.

Fellowship by European Society of Human Genetics to present paper titled “Digital photography in Cytogenetics: An innovative and inexpensive approach” at 10th International Congress of Human Genetics(ICHG) conference, May 15- 19, 2001 in Vienna, Austria

Certificate of Honors in Surgery in Final MBBS, 1987, KGMU



BMC Genetics 2014

BMC Medical Education 2015

BMC Case Reports

Indian Pediatrics


Major Research Projects:

Ongoing- ICMR 1 (funding Rs 58 Lacs). “Effectiveness of diet and lifestyle intervention through Information Education Communication (IEC) tools with Angan Wadi Centres (AWCs) as the centre of knowledge dissemination for hypertension (including hypercholesterolemia and diabetes) risk reduction – a cluster randomized controlled trial”. Initiated as Principal Investigator at Indore

“Improving health and nutritional status of vulnerable segment of population by implementing multi-component health and nutrition education intervention as a sustainable model of intervention”. (As Collaborator from AIIMS Jodhpur)

“Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance in India- Multicentric research”, sponsored by MOHFW and ICMR- Funding Rs 79 Lacs

“Hospital Based Sentinel Surveillance for Streptococcus pneumonia and other Invasive bacterial diseases in India” funded by UNDP and coordinated by National Institute of Epidemiology, India. Funding Rs 35 Lacs

“Using Flip class to Enhance Medical Students’ Active Learning”- Intramural fund AIIMS, Jodhpur



Other Major Achievements

Community Services:


Dean Academics, AIIMS Jodhpur since December 2016

Head Pediatrics, AIIMS, Jodhpur and SAIMS, Indore, India

Faculty In-charge Outpatient services AIIMS, Jodhpur

Coordinator Institutional Clinical Grand Rounds

Coordinator NAMS Center for Research in Medical Education at AIIMS

Setting up of Pediatrics department at BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal, HIMS, Dehradun SAIMS, Indore and at present Institute AIIMS Jodhpur, India

Setting of Genetic Clinic at BPKIHS, SAIMS and AIIMS

Pivotal in MCI recognition of UG MBBS course at BPKIHS and SAIMS, Indore

Introduced Public lectures on common health issues in Western India.

Participated in Community Health Programs in Nepal, tribals of Madhya Pradesh



Portfolio of Creative Projects


MD Thesis on Neonatal behavioral assessment scale- Introduced new tools for asphyxiated, preterm and small for gestation age babies in 1989-91

Developed an indigenous device for Pilocarpine iontophoresis for Sweat Chloride testing to diagnose Cystic fibrosis in respiratory disorders as part of DM (Medical Genetics) project in 1994 at SGPGIMS, Lucknow.

Digital photography in 1998- recording and teaching of rare cases.

Using Multimedia for teaching at B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan, Nepal

Indigenous method to do Karyotyping with help of an ordinary incubator, microscope and video camera to capture photographs of chromosomes. Awarded Fellowship by European Society of Human Genetics to present my work at 10th International Congress of Human Genetics at Vienna, Austria in May 2001.

Web-based online consultation for remote patient care in underserved area in Dharan, Nepal. Presented paper at 10th Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR) Conference, Newport Beach, California, January 2002.

Developed multimedia rich presentations for UG/PG teaching at Indore 2004- 2013

Designed MOODLE based module on Sleep Medicine with synchronized PPT and audio and tested among a group of students and faculty members. Awarded Shyam Lal Saksena Award by National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) for Biomedical engineering in 2014.

Introduced FLIPPED Class (Inverted Classroom) for VI Semester MBBS Students at my Institute. Validation of technique presented at 22nd MMVR Conference at Los Angeles in April 2016. Declared winner for the scientific paper at the conference.

Innovative use of Flipped class to reduce duration of workshop for IMNCI program for Medical Students at AIIMS Jodhpur

Presentations by Kuldeep Singh
AIIMS Jodhpur Model of Medical Education: Experience, Acceptance and Adaptability
AIIMS Jodhpur Model of Medical Education: Experience, Acceptance and Adaptability
Wednesday 11th September 4:45pm to 4:50pm
Digital Learning: Engaging Medical Students using Audience Response System
Digital Learning: Engaging Medical Students using Audience Response System
Wednesday 11th September 4:50pm to 4:55pm

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