Oral Poster Presentation A: Social Accountability in Action


Moderator: Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde

  • Session Details
  • LocationWaterfront 1, Level 2, Darwin Convention Centre
  • Session TimeWednesday 11th September 10:30am to 12:30pm

Activating the Partnership Pentagram in Health Systems Change

Dr. Ray Markham, Dr. Robert Woollard
10:30am to 10:35am
Thematic Poster Sessions

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony: A Healing Intervention for Intergenerational Trauma and Substance Use

Teresa Marsh
10:40am to 10:45am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Establishing National Standards and Harmonized Curricula to Scale Up High Quality Postgraduate

Dinksera Debebe, Wondwossen Eshetu
10:45am to 10:50am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Building social accountability from Indigenous health models: Intercultural birth as milestone in the Cxayuce Jxut Hospital, Toribio and Jambalo, Cauca, Colombia 2019

Angelica Aguilar
10:50am to 10:55am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Primary care performance measurement and research in Africa (and other LMICs) –opportunities to strengthen social accountability and responsiveness

Graham Bresick
10:50am to 10:50am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Teaching Social Accountability for the Practice of Family Medicine in Canada

Alex Anawati
10:55am to 11:00am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Tracking Graduates: at the Core of Social Accountability

Björg Pálsdottir, Jose-Francisco Garcia-Gutierrez, Karen Johnston, Roger Strasser, Torres Woolley
11:05am to 11:10am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Social outreach, social obligation and social accountability in health professions’ education

Tomlin Paul
11:10am to 11:15am
Thematic Poster Sessions


Reginaldo Antonio Oliveira Freitas-Junior
11:10am to 11:15am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Indicators for social accountability tool: A pilot study in a rural medical school of Caicó, Brazil

George Azevedo
11:15am to 11:20am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Accidental accountability: the case of a competition

Leigh Moore
11:20am to 11:25am
Thematic Poster Sessions

A student led service model to improve health and wellbeing of older adults in East Arnhem

Susan Witt, Ruth Barker, Narelle Campbell
11:35am to 11:40am
Thematic Poster Sessions

'Aspiring' for social accountability; searching for the weak links in the chain

Riffat Hussain
12:25pm to 12:30pm
Thematic Poster Sessions