Oral Poster Presentation D: Future Leaders in Socially Accountable Education and Research


Moderator: Dimity Pond

  • Session Details
  • LocationWaterfront 1, Level 2, Darwin Convention Centre
  • Session TimeWednesday 11th September 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Facilitating the development of socially accountable leaders through structured reflection.

Priscilla Daniels, Tracey-Ann Adonis
3:35pm to 3:40pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Development and validation of an inventory to assess the Social Accountability (SA) principles in the scenarios used in Problem-Based (PBL) curriculum.

Mohamed Elhassan Abdalla
3:40pm to 3:45pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Simulation-based medical education in ACLS training, social response toward patient and novice physician safety.

Panadda Konanda
3:45pm to 3:50pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Social Accountability in Medical Curriculum: Working with Gaps and Gaping Holes

Brahmaputra Marjadi, Trelawny McKnight
3:50pm to 3:55pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Support for supervisors – How to make the most out of your teaching time

Narelle Campbell, Leigh Moore, Jessie Anderson, Annie Farthing, Sue Lenthall, Susan Witt
3:55pm to 4:00pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Describing a transformative community preceptorship program

Maria Grebe
4:10pm to 4:15pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Communicating Social Innovation in Health as a Tool for Social Accountability: Issues and Lessons Learned

Jean Francis Barcena
4:20pm to 4:25pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Conversations that Matter: Providing Innovative Venues for Meaningful Discourse on Social Accountability in Instruction, Research and Service

Malaya Santos
4:25pm to 4:30pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Mexican Public Health System Summer School Pilot Program: A first focus for our future leaders in public health

Melissa Maria Islas
4:30pm to 4:35pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Closure of the malnutrition ward at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica: A marker of institutional social accountability

Maria Jackson
4:35pm to 4:40pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Undergraduate research: Impact of creating a conducive educational environment

Subodh S Gupta
4:40pm to 4:45pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

AIIMS Jodhpur Model of Medical Education: Experience, Acceptance and Adaptability

Kuldeep Singh
4:45pm to 4:50pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Digital Learning: Engaging Medical Students using Audience Response System

Pratibha Singh, Kuldeep Singh
4:50pm to 4:55pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Bidirectional Learning: A case example in Canada and Zimbabwe

Ray Markham
4:55pm to 5:00pm
Thematic Poster Sessions