Oral Poster Presentation E: Rural and Remote Health


Moderator: Leigh Moore

  • Session Details
  • LocationWaterfront 2, Level 2, Darwin Convention Centre
  • Session TimeWednesday 11th September 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Developmental and psychotic disorders among children and adolescents with active epilepsy in rural southwestern Uganda

Joseph Kirabira
3:30pm to 3:35pm
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A Checklist for implementing rural pathways to train and support health workers in low and middle income countries

Belinda O'Sullivan
3:35pm to 3:40pm
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The Remote Health Experience (RHE) Weekend

Sue Lenthall, Madeleine Bower
3:50pm to 3:55pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Understanding the rationale and choices for unskilled home versus skilled facility delivery amongst recent postpartum women in south western Uganda

Esther C Atukunda, Josephine Najjuma1
4:00pm to 4:05pm
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Prevalence and Economic Costs of Violence Against Women in South Sudan

Khalifa Elmusharaf
4:05pm to 4:10pm
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Plan, Recruit, Retain: How to Achieve a Stable Remote Rural Workforce

Roger Strasser
4:10pm to 4:15pm
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Recruitment and Retention of Rural Health Professionals: An overview

Hana Hinkle, Alexandra McVicker
4:15pm to 4:20pm
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Rural Medical Education, a path to rural practice

Jill Konkin
4:20pm to 4:25pm
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The "More Doctors Program" in remote areas: The experience of the Special Supervision Group in Pará, Brazil

Raphael Augusto Teixeira de Aguiar
4:25pm to 4:30pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

A Global view on migration, climate change and capacity building in the global South

Jan De Maeseneer, Vishnuprija Vijayaleshmi, Alejandro Avelino Bonilla Flechas Osório Márquez Sierra
4:35pm to 4:40pm
Thematic Poster Sessions

Matching training in rural and remote medicine to clinical service needs

Richard Hays
4:40pm to 4:45pm
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