Oral Poster Presentation B: Interprofessional developments


Moderator: Paulo Marcondes

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  • LocationWaterfront 2, Level 2, Darwin Convention Centre
  • Session TimeWednesday 11th September 10:30am to 12:30pm

An institution's guide to innovating from within

Nicholas Torres
10:30am to 10:35am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Which competencies need to acquire a health professional in eHealth? A qualitative study

Carme Carrion
10:35am to 10:40am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Let’s separate the grain from the chaff: Which are the best apps to manage overweight and obesity? A new tool to assess apps.

Carme Carrion
10:40am to 10:45am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Community Engagement as Interprofessional Practice Model

Hester Julie
10:45am to 10:50am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Early clinical exposure through a three-component blended learning program in anatomy for first year medical undergraduate training

10:50am to 10:55am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Expanding The Bright Spots: Identifying The Factors That Enhance Academic Performance of Medical Polytechnic Students and Disseminating Them in The Whole Batch

Rishi Pokhrel
10:55am to 11:00am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Perception of pharmacy students and facilitating nurses on interprofessional education and collaboration in maternal and child health care

Elizabeth Egieyeh
11:00am to 11:05am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Student Community Service in Sukaraja, Rajabasa, South Lampung, Indonesia: Interprofessional Education and Practice for Tsunami Disaster Recovery

Hanggoro Tri Rinonce
11:05am to 11:10am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Developing a Strategy to Address the Non-traditional Outcomes of Interprofessionalism, Systems-Based Delivery of Health Care, Nationalism and Social Accountability: experience in St. Luke’s Medical Center-College of Medicine

Joanne De Ramos
11:10am to 11:15am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Perception of Stakeholders about the Establishment of Medical Simulation Based Learning at a Ugandan Medical School

Josephine Najjuma
11:15am to 11:20am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Building trust and teamwork into the interprofessional work environment

Anshu -
11:20am to 11:25am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Interdisciplinary collaboration to improve the definition and assessment of generic competencies at a primary health care center

Grebe María
11:25am to 11:30am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Interprofessional collaboration: A global approach? Supporting Community Health Workers through Interprofessional Learning VLIR-UOS JOINT project

Tony Claeys
11:30am to 11:35am
Thematic Poster Sessions

Capitals: An eighteen-year look on enrolled students at the largest university in Mexico

Karla Alejandra Tovar López
12:20pm to 12:25pm
Thematic Poster Sessions