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Elsie Kiguli Malwadde

Narelle Campbell

Henry Campos

David Marsh

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  • LocationAuditorium, Level 1, Darwin Convention Centre
  • Session TimeFriday 13th September 10:30am to 12:30pm

Partnering Community Medicine and Biomedical Engineering as a means of addressing Social Determinants of Health: An Ateneo de Zamboanga University Initiative

Afdal Kunting
10:30am to 10:35am
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Social accountability even at death

Godwin AJA
10:35am to 10:40am
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Social Accountability as the Framework for the Moral Obligations of a Health Institution: A Call to Action for an Academic Health Sciences Centre

Alex Anawati, Maureen Mclelland
10:40am to 10:45am
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5 years of coordinating chronic disease management in a community-controlled council – the benefits of placing coordination services in a non-clinical setting

Annie Farthing, Joanne Duncum
10:45am to 10:50am
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Appreciative Inquiry and participatory decision-making: essential tools for lateral leadership

Subodh S Gupta
10:50am to 10:55am
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Global Health: Delivered by Women, Led by Men A Gender and Equity Analysis of the Global Health and Social Workforce

Björg Pálsdóttir
10:50am to 10:55am
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Interdisciplinary teaching in rural settings to enhance multidisciplinary team care: the RIPL effect

Krista Cockrell
10:50am to 11:00am
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Transformative change for health and wellbeing for Aboriginal people in remote Australia

Rosalie Schultz, Sheree Cairney
10:55am to 11:00am
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A Canadian Commitment to Socially Accountable Medical Education and Accreditation

Geneviève Moineau
11:00am to 11:05am
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Towards a healthy learning environments: lessons from establishing a remote Australian school health clinic

Prashanti Manchikanti
11:05am to 11:10am
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Short video presentations: a tool to help organize learning in large classrooms

Samar A. Ahmed
11:10am to 11:15am
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Faculty of Medical Sciences’ discourse on social accountability at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Tomlin Paul
11:15am to 11:20am
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Effect of a Text Messaging Project on Diabetic Retinopathy Awareness and Eye care behavior among First Nations and Métis Women

Kalyani Premkumar
11:20am to 11:25am
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Triggering the art of written reflection in medical students

Anshu -
11:25am to 11:30am
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Pathway to Excellence: A Collaboration for Global PA Training Understanding and Improvement

Shannon Widderick
11:30am to 11:35am
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